Heart-To-Heart Spread Part I

This quick 2-card spread helps you determine the type of heart-to-heart connection you have with someone else. It reveals emotional outlook and can help you gauge someone’s intentions accurately (how does he feel in this relationship?).

Get out your playing cards, focus on the person you wish to connect with, shuffle the cards and pull two cards. The first one represents YOUR heart. The 2nd card is the other person’s heart. Look at the SUITS only. For tarot you can simply take out the Majors and use just the Minors.

Here’s your guide:

Clubs/Wands = frustrated and impatient heart
Hearts/Cups = happy and optimistic heart
Diamonds/Pentacles = patient and persistent heart
Spades/Swords = unhappy and pessimistic heart

Are your hearts in sync? Did you think your partner was unhappy when they are just frustrated? Did you both get the same number in different suits? This shows you’re just on different pages of the same book!

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