SAMPLE READING: Will the class run?

A student in my course Your Future Is In the Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days asked about using spreads other than the 3-card spread I present. So, here’s my own reading using the Answer Spread found on Kapherus’ blog.

So, to show how to use the cards and this system w/the Answer Spread, I did a reading for myself. Question: Will the class I’m supposed to teach in two weeks actually run? We have low enrollment for this class and I’ve had all kinds of headaches dealing w/the sponsor. Here are the cards I chose and their positions (see the Answer spread here:

(1) King of Hearts
(2) Ace of Clubs
(3) 2 of Clubs
(4) Queen of Spades
(5) 8 of Diamonds
(6) 4 of Spades

The predominance of black cards gives a NO answer to my question. Two of the columns end w/Spades reflecting unhappiness and pessimism.

There are 2 face cards in the 1st column. The Queen of Spades is most likely the sponsor who has been causing me worries and problems w/delivering this course. Facing the 8 of Diamonds, she is patient and persistent. Upon first glance I had no idea who the King of Hearts represented but it occurred to me it probably represents the people I’m going to teach who are acupuncturists and bodywork therapists. The King of Hearts can represent a doctor, therapist or minister. So these 2 face cards show the background. The Queen’s actions are cutting off the energy of the King. The sponsor sent out all kinds of misinformation and lack of information so the acupuncturists don’t have the info they need to make a decision to attend.

The Ace of Clubs covered by the 8 of Diamonds in the middle column usually answers the question. This combination (based on how Kapherus interprets these positions) may suggest an OFFER OR INVITATION to CHANGE THE STATUS of the class, i.e., postpone it to another day/timeframe.

The final column (2 of Clubs-4 of Spades) represents the future and contributing factors. These cards show WAITING, HESITATION, DELAY, DISRUPTION.

The numerical theme for the entire reading is 4 which is always about restrictions and being stuck – wanting something to happen and it’s not happening. In this case, my hands are tied because the sponsor has control over the promotion and the details.

POSTSCRIPT: This class did NOT run as scheduled. The sponsor contacted me and asked if we could reschedule it for next year.

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