Today, candles have become extremely popular aromatherapy products. But did you know your wonderfully scented candles can also be used for divination? Lampadomancy, practiced by the Egyptians and Greeks, is used to predict the future by observing the candle flame’s shape and movement.

Candle divination can be used to answer simple yes/no questions as well as provide answers to a variety of circumstances. For the purposes of these divination techniques, you don’t need to use scented candles – any simple candle will do. Also, remember to take the necessary precautions when dealing with candles and flames.

To get a simple answer, here’s a divination technique I call Stop and Go. Take a green candle and a red candle that can burn down in a short time, like the candles for a birthday cake. Focus on a question that needs a stop or go response such as, “Should I take this new job offer?” or “Is it time to leave this relationship?” The red candle represents STOP and the green candle is for GO. Now, light both candles. The one that either extinguishes first or burns down first is your answer. Let’s say you asked the question about the job offer and the green candle burns out fastest. This would mean you should take the job. You can perform this same type of divination for yes/no questions.

For more diverse questions or a wider range of responses, try this method. Choose one candle. This time it should be a standard size – you will only be looking at the flame. Select your candle color based on your question or concern.

White – any question.

Black – illness, major troubles or setbacks.

Green – money and financial concerns.

Purple – authority and power issues.

Blue – spiritual guidance and healing.

Red – passion, romance, and conflict with others.

Pink – friendship and family ties.

Orange – career and job opportunities.

Yellow – communication, news, or education.

Focus on a question or concern. I’ve found for these readings it’s best to focus on outcomes of specific situations, for example: “What will be the outcome of my lawsuit?” or “What do I need to know about my business partnership with Bob?” Light your colored candle in a darkened room so that you can see the flame. Once you have meditated on your concern, stare at the flame and take note of any of these changes:

Flame seems to get larger – the situation will expand. This means that problems will grow larger but positive experiences will become more fruitful.

Flame seems to get smaller – the entire issue may simply fade away and there may be no cause for concern.

Flame leans toward you – the concern will be resolved in your favor.

Flame leans away from you – the concern will not be resolved in your favor.

Flame burns steadily without movement – things will continue as they are.

Flame bends – a minor setback can be expected.

Flame twists and spirals – beware of false friends and deception.

Flame dies out quickly – expect an abrupt ending.

Flickering – minor disputes and disagreements can be expected.

Two flames appear – a partnership is the key to success.

Flame leans left and right – indecision about a major choice.

Sparking – great fortune; a reward for your efforts. The “reward” depends on the type of concern. It may be money, renewed health, finding a soulmate, a new job, etc.

Once you’ve received your answers, safely extinguish your flame. Hopefully, your candle divination has shed light (pun intended) on your future!


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