DIVINE INTERVENTION: Crystal/Gemstone Divination

This was a crystal/gemstone divination reading I performed for myself. It’s still a new divination process for me but here’s some information on how I perform crystal divination. I have a little bag full of crystals and gemstones that I collect. Some of them just look like everyday stones. When I get a new stone, I assign a meaning to it.

These are the different ways I’ll assign meaning: (1) the stone’s healing properties. If I’m really familiar with the stone and it’s healing properties, then that is the divinatory meaning. Ex: Rose quartz = close connections and relationships. (2) the stone’s color assigned to 5 elements (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Ex: goldstone = Fire element, blue quartz = Water element. (3) The meaning is just based on whatever strikes me when I look at the stone. For example, I have a stone that looks like camouflage so it means “something is not as it appears.” (4) stone shape. Using the same camouflage stone, when it falls in a certain position it looks like a boot. When it falls like this, I use the meaning of a military influence.

I use one of two processes for choosing stones: (1) pick one stone at a time from the bag to represent something from a spread. (2) grab a small handful of stones and cast them to see where they land. This is a little harder to interpret. In general, the stone closest to you is the main issue/concern and the stone farthest away is the result. It’s important to note what stones land next to each other. For example, I use a purple stone to represent women and a blue stone to represent men.So when the purple stone lands next to the Winter stone (white/gray looking stone) then I know it’s a woman from the past or an older woman.

QUESTION: What do I need to know about my job?

This was a job fraught w/many interpersonal conflicts and stress. I was just starting to develop a friendship w/the new Director and was hoping that things would become less stressful than under the old Director’s regime. I chose three crystals from the bag: Rhodonite, Lapis Lazuli, and Goldstone.

Here are the meanings I use:

Rhodonite = like Snake in Lenormand deck; all sorts of disappointments, jealousies, betrayal and tricks by familiar people; caution is necessary.

Lapis Lazuli = friendship and the ability to contain or minimize conflict; peacemaking; support

Goldstone = Fire element; joy, excitement, laughter, person w/red hair or ruddy featres; when turned w/sharp point up = mania, out of control

My interpretation: Rhodonite shows caution is necessary; I can expect all sorts of problems and disappointments from familiar people. Interestingly, Goldstone represents the new Director who I believe is Fire element and has red hair and laughs a lot. The Lapis seems to be pointing to Goldstone and the sharp peak of Goldstone is up suggesting manic personality w/sharp edges.

POSTSCRIPT: I found out 2 weeks later that the new Director had given her 2 weeks notice but didn’t intend to tell anyone including me or the rest of the staff. So, I was disappointed by a Fire Element (Goldstone) personality I thought was a friend (Rhodonite). The peacemaking theme (Lapis Lazuli) comes up for me in every job I take. I’m always the one who has to keep the peace in these dysfunctional environments I attract. As the assistant in charge, I was once again forced to minimize conflict – staff and other constituents were very upset that they didn’t know the new Director (who had worked for 45 days) was leaving.

This is a great book on the subject (Crystal and Gemstone Divination by Gail Butler):


2 thoughts on “DIVINE INTERVENTION: Crystal/Gemstone Divination

  1. Yes, this is an excellent book on crystal divination. Also, check for a used copy of Ursula Markham’s book on fortune telling with crystals. These are the two books I learned how to divine with crystals.

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