SAMPLE READING: Will the class run smoothly?

I’m scheduled to teach out of town next weekend. Different class from SAMPLE READING: Will the class run? The last time I taught there I got a little frazzled because some of the (adult) students were trying my patience, not intentionally though. This time, I’m teaching the next level in this series. My question: Will the class run smoothly?

When I laid out the cards above, I thought, YIKES! The question requires a yes/no answer and the answer with the Spades + Clubs = maybe, but it will be a huge challenge. The numerical theme is 9 which shows my energy is geared toward endings and dealing with unfinished business. This makes sense because this is the last class in this series. The spread begins with the 7 of Spades which means secrets and hidden or missing information. Usually this position reveals something that is known but I’m not aware of anything like this. These secrets are tied to the Queen of the same suit. The Queen of Spades is someone causing me worries or problems. She may appear emotionally distant. She’s looking at a Clubs card showing she is frustrated and impatient. Who is this woman and what does she have to do w/my class? The unusual bit is that the 8 of Clubs (travel and progress) is the outcome. Why would travel be at the end of the spread and not the beginning? Perhaps the first 2 cards are showing things that might possibly delay my travel. Well, let’s figure out who this Queen is. I pulled 4 additional cards to describe her physically.

(1) 9 of Clubs (build) = average to athletic build

(2) 3 of Diamonds (complexion) = medium to ruddy complexion

(3) King of Spades (hair) = dark hair

(4) 10 of Diamonds (eyes) = brown eyes

I also pulled a few more cards for confirmation: Have I met this woman? 7 of Hearts = YES. Is she in the class? Jack of Hearts = YES. What does this woman need to be happy and optimistic? 3 of Spades = end unhealthy relationships.

The bright side of this reading is that the 8 of Clubs is the final card suggesting movement, progress and travel. If a Spade had ended the row, this would show a major block and the possibility that the class would not run.

My next reading is an advice reading to find out how to prepare for this class.

POSTSCRIPT: No, the class did not run smoothly or without a hitch but overall it went pretty well. Here’s what happened. There were 2 women causing me worries and problems at the last class and one fits the description but neither was signed up for class. Then about 2 days before I traveled, I received an updated roster. The 2 women were both on the updated roster. It wasn’t until later I discovered I had overlooked a previous email with an updated roster that included the woman described above. So the reading was correct. The 7 of Spades showed something I should have known but was still in the dark about. The Queen of Spades described the woman who had recently signed up for the class. All of this occurred before I traveled (8 of Clubs). While I was traveling, I received a phone call from another woman (who also fits the above description) scheduled to be in class. She was ill and would not be able to attend. Since my classes work best with an even number of students, her absence put a monkey wrench in everything and I had to quickly revise my teaching plan.

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