SAMPLE READING: What will my week bring?

I did a weekly reading for myself and chose these three cards:

10 of Diamonds – 2 of Clubs – Ace of Diamonds

These cards show that this week is about feeling wealthy (10 of Diamonds). The underlying issue or problem is waiting, hesitation, should I stay or go?(2 of Clubs). And the final outcome is a new source of security (Ace of Diamonds). The numerical theme is 4 which usually reflects restriction and wanting something to happen that’s not happening.

Here’s what happened. I did this reading on Sunday and on Tuesday I received an email saying that my financial aid loan had gone into my account. This is a BIG relief and it does make me feel wealthy. Although the payment is not enough to actually make me BE wealthy, it will help me get through the next few months. I had been waiting for the payment since I found out it would be delayed. So my payment came about a week later than expected. It really is a source of income because this is the money I will use to pay my bills while I’m in school full-time.


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