SAMPLE READING: Will I find love again?

Margaret wants to know if she will find love again. Here are the cards chosen for her.

Margaret has been holding onto EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE (6 of Spades) from past relationships. Presently, she is full of HIGH HOPES (7 of Hearts) for her romantic future. She will probably start DATING (Jack of Hearts) in the near future.

Here are more details we can get from this 3-card spread.

Yes/No – two red cards give a YES answer to her question. Also, the final two cards are Hearts showing the answer is Definitely yes!

Emotional Outlook – Margaret’s emotional outlook will change from unhappy and pessimistic (Spades) to happy and optimistic (Hearts).

Let’s say Margaret wants a description of this new love interest. These are the 3 additional cards chosen for physical build, complexion and hair/eyes:

From these cards, we know that Margaret’s potential love interest will be someone with brown skin (African, Latin or East Indian descent for example), short with a stocky build, dark eyes and gray or balding hair.

She also wants to know when she will meet this person. The 8 of Diamonds is chosen and represents the 8th week of autumn or it can reveal that Margaret will meet this person when she experiences a change of status or going from one level of experience to another (perhaps in a job).


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