Use Playing Cards to Discover the Best Tweet Time

Want to divine the best time to tweet or do any other activity? Get out your playing cards. Take the Jokers and Kings out of the deck to make things easier. Now, focus on your question…what is the best time to tweet about my tarot reading services? Select ONE card for a.m. vs. p.m. Red = a.m. and Black = p.m. Choose another card for time. Look at the number only (Ace = 1, Jacks = 11, Queens = 12). Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Use Playing Cards to Discover the Best Tweet Time

  1. This is great–electional cartomancy!! Now, can we do other electional questions such as (1) is the best time for me to apply for a (specific) job (2) when should we have our wedding (2) when should I start my new business, etc., etc.? Astrologers (some of them) do this–it is known as electional astrology. So, can we now create “electional cartomancy?”

  2. Also, can you use the cards for weather forecasting? I think you can–perhaps going by the suits and the numbers the degree of intensity of the weather. For instance, how would you describe the new storm approaching the east coast? Probably a spade and a high number. Summer weather could be described by Clubs–10 Clubs blaszing hot!!! Like it is here in Phoenix during the summer.

    • Yes I think you can too. It’s fun to try at least. I like your system of using the spades as the weather type and then the numbers for intensity. I’m going to pick some cards now to forecast the weather for my trip.

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