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I’m a little addicted to card decks. I have had many night-time dreams of finding the perfect tarot deck. Alas, it has not become a reality. So, I’ve started to create my own oracle decks on I like the easy drag-and-drop interface and ways you can customize your deck. Here are a few I’ve created:

Over the Moon Tarot – a tarot deck of 78 cards + blank card featuring images from The Real Mother Goose book (Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of

The Cinderella Deck – a deck of 54 cards (27 images repeated twice), featuring 27 images from The Wonderful Story of Cinderella – Rhymed and Retold (Images courtesy of It’s turning out to be a great deck for love and relationship readings.

Images courtesy of

Pathways to the Soul – a deck of 54 cards featuring photographs of pathways. I’ll be using this as a personal meditation and soul coaching deck (Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of

Made any decks on Add a link to the images in the comments section!

14 thoughts on “Make an Oracle Deck on

  1. These are wonderful! I especially like the Over The Moon Tarot, they are so adorable. Is that deck completed? Will you be offering them for sale? I love the idea of using old story book images. I’m teaching a class on creating your own oracle in December and we will be using collages created from old childrens books and magazines, etc! I love children’s book images.

    I actually just completed a deck of oracle card I’ve been creating as well. They are digital collages. I sent them off last week to be printed at… I am so excited to see them. I’ve heard the quality is pretty good! I hope they turn out nice in print. I would like to offer my decks for sale.

    Keep up the fantastic work!!

    All the best!

    • Thanks Shaheen…I’m glad you like them. I’ve had lots of fun making them. I’m still doing some edits on Over the Moon Tarot. I haven’t decided yet about offering them for sale, however, I did contact about that possibility and they said they expect to have a Sell Your Design section opening around Easter 2012. I really like their platform and the ease of use so if I do sell, it will probably be through them. I’d love to see your designs. I’m sure they will look great when you get them back from I haven’t been disappointed yet.
      ~ Kristen

  2. It’s really a blast doing a deck! I was addicted for weeks and weeks. That’s great that Printerstudio is going to offer a section like that. I’ve never worked with them or gamecrafters before… but I think Printerstudio has better energy. I’m excited to see the deck. They look beautiful on the screen. I will be sure to do a post about them when they come in the mail 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Modes of Understanding and commented:
    Had thoughts on making your own Tarot deck? Thanks to blogger twelveofhearts (link below), I’ve discovered, which lets one submit designs for card decks of up to 80 images, and has standard Tarot sizing. I’m going to submit a project that I’ve been thinking of and collecting images for, called the Hollywood Tarot. Thank you Twelveofhearts!

  4. That’s so funny twelveofhearts cause I’m like the opposite of you. I only ever want to use the Waite-Smith-Rider deck. Feels like it will take me a lifetime just to understand that one and maybe even that won’t be enough time (I’m a bit slow like that, lol.) Don’t you love how we’re all different!

    • I know what you mean! I LOVE the Rider-Waite and only bought clones of it for about 15 years. With the Over the Moon Tarot, I tried to keep it close to the Rider-Waite imagery because that’s what I’m used to and what resonates with me.

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    • Thanks! I really enjoy looking at paths so it was great to find those images. Here are some websites I use for public domain and free images:,,, and

      Would love to see your creations!

      • Will you be selling copies of your Pathway to the Soul cards? They’re pretty spectacular, and so fitting for meditation!

      • Thank you! They are some of my favorite images…I love using them for life path readings. However, I don’t have any plans to sell them as a deck because I can’t verify the photo origins. The images are available on but I like to give specific photography credits when possible. However, I made a meditation deck using similar images of landscapes provided by the National Park Service that I may sell one day.

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