SAMPLE READING: What will my day bring?

While I was out of town, I did a quick reading for my day. Here are the cards I chose:

King of Spades = a man causing worries or problems, someone in remote position of authority. Judge. Police. Military, Power of attorney. May suggest legal issues.

Jack of Clubs = Coming and going. A traveler or visitor. Someone who is on the go.

King of Hearts = A male relative or dear friend. A devoted partner. Married or in a committed relationship. Doctor. Minister. Therapist. Anyone who offers counsel to those in need.

At first glance, it looked like I would encounter several people during the day…a man causing me worries or someone in a remote position of authority, a visitor or someone who comes and goes, and possibly a therapist, healer, doctor or minister. Or I figured I would be around several folks having a heated conversation. In the spread, the Jack and King of Hearts are confronting each other and the Jack is ignoring the King of Spades.

At the end of the day, I realized this reading was showing me the PLACES I would go that day. First, I had to meet with the continuing education coordinator (i.e., authority figure) and sign some paperwork/contracts (King of Spades). Next I stopped at the campus’ Visitors Center (Jack of Clubs). Finally, I went to a natural foods market that features massage practitioners, psychic readers and other healers and counselors (King of Hearts).

After my trip, I read Hilary Parry’s post about location and readings:Location, Location, Location…Why Where You Read is Important. It makes perfect sense. In most readings, I would have interpreted these cards as people but when I did this reading, I was in a hotel room visiting a different city and only had one day to get around, so my reading was all about places I would visit during my stay.


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