Chakra Reading with Soul Songs Cards

This is another deck I made on www.printerstudio.comSoul Songs Cards. I decided to break them in with a chakra reading. I’m not sure exactly of how else I might use these but I thought it would be interesting to see how they work for a chakra reading. The cards feature abstract pastel artwork images so I hope that the cards will reflect the  typical chakra color the card is chosen to represent. Anything with a different color might allude to other chakra energies mixing or perhaps interfering with the balance of that chakra. So, here are the cards chosen.

Images courtesy of

Even if you don’t know anything about chakras, there’s one chakra that doesn’t look quite right. Yep, number 4, the heart chakra. This chakra has been “off” for quite a while now.

Using this link as a reference for interpreting the colors:, here are some of my conclusions:

  • lots of blue overall showing emphasis on business matters, sadness (4th chakra), and verbal communication (teaching)
  • yellow-orange is also prominent relating to creativity, self-expression and mental alertness
  • not enough red in 1st chakra suggesting some survival challenges; most of the red is in the 3rd chakra which I think is probably anger and frustration that fuels a lot of my energy
  • the 4th chakra colors most likely reflect my last relationship and the sadness (blue) and resentment (black) I’m still holding onto; the whole image looks like angry scratches to me
  • perhaps the orangey color in the 5th chakra relates to much of my creativity that is not expressed verbally or outwardly but remains inside
  • I was surprised by all the pink in the 7th or crown chakra. But I think of pink representing compassion which is my higher ideal so I guess it makes sense there
Any more insights? If you have any ideas on other ways to use these cards, let me know!

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