CINDERELLA READING: What’s on my romantic horizon?

This reading was for Rhett from Intuitive Cartomancy who gave me permission to share it with you. She asked, What’s on the romantic horizon for me?

Card 1 – Once upon a time… – The first card shows the end of the Cinderella story is where your story begins. It suggests there was a significant relationship, marriage or living together situation and that person may still be a potential romantic figure in your life.

Card 2 – What’s happening now – Cinderella is trying on the slipper to see if it fits. It does! This could mean you’re asking, Is this relationship a good fit? I don’t think this is about a new relationship but a continuing of the initial relationship shown in Card 1. However, it shows the relationship going backwards instead of forward…questions that should have been asked beforehand are now being asked.

Card 3 – Pivotal Issue – The middle card is the pivotal issue that shows the truth of the situation. It also shows the way forward OR what is preventing progress. In this case, Cinderella is having the fairy godmother transform her pumpkin into something magical. This is like trying to change your significant other into something they are not. Are you wondering if they will ever change or is it possible for them to have a magical transformation?

Card 4 – What’s next (30 days) – The Prince at Cinderella’s feet. This could reveal a rekindling of the relationship shown in Card 1. It may also represent an apology or someone willing to do whatever it takes to win you over.

Card 5 – Outcome – The final card shows the best you can expect in 3 months time. Again, someone is trying on the slipper. The slipper is symbolic of the relationship. In this case one of the stepsisters tries on the slipper and it doesn’t fit. So, this could show that in 3 months time, things just don’t work out because the relationship is not a good fit for both of you.

Follow-Up Comments:

Rhett: Oh my gosh, this is the most adorable, creative spread!!  I am not currently seeing anyone BUT I am still not entirely over my ex who dumped back in January….it’s like I’m ALMOST there, but a small part of me is still holding back hoping that 1 day he’ll just “up & call me” or something…but my rational side knows the relationship was volatile, dysfunctional & stormy, & he’s not going to change for me, so I just need to let go.  Could this possibly refer to someone I had a VERY short fling with (although I have known the guy in general for many years…he’s a family friend)?  This is fantastic!  Thank you!

12ofHearts: Thanks for the feedback Rhett. My impression is this reading relates to your ex. The pumpkin card is where you’re asking is he going to change? The 4th card shows he may just “up and call you.” However, the Prince on his knees could be another man. That’s one of the kinks w/this deck. Cinderella is always the questioner but I’m not sure when there is more than one suitor how the Prince will show up. There are only four cards the Prince appears in so it’s difficult to track if he’s showing up to represent different men. The bottom line is the final card showing the stepsister about to try on the slipper. It’s not going to fit. So, whether this is your ex or the family friend, you may realize that you’re not a good match for each other. Let me know how things turn out!


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