My Jerk Whisperer Reading

I found this hilarious post and wonderful spread on Tarotize — Jerk Whisperer Tarot Spread. I immediately did my own reading.  I teach adult continuing education classes at several schools and, at one in particular, a few students who appear to be part of a clique, disrespectfully and blatantly carry on conversations while I’m teaching. Also, a few evaluations have stood out for their negative comments. It’s only a few students and I know one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch but it’s really shaken my confidence and willingness to teach more classes at the school next year. So the question I posed for this spread was: What do I need to know about the negative feedback and disrespect I’ve received at this school?

I adapted some of Lisa’s meanings to fit my own understanding of the spread. Here is the layout and the cards chosen from my Over the Moon Tarot deck.

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I am struck by the visual presentation of this reading. Looking at the top row, the 8s which represent advice, show a solemn and slow energy in contrast to the Page of Wands. In the second row, the Magician is making pies in the center and is flanked by someone begging for food and another person selling food.

(1) Me and how I’m coping right nowMagician…I’m making the most delicious pies/teaching the most desirable classes that everyone wants.

(2) My inspiration impulsePage of Wands…movement, staying busy, so many projects, things to do and people to see…but also running away.

(3) The jerk brigade – the jerk’s perspective 6 of Pentacles…the jerks are represented by the old beggar who keeps begging for my pies, acting like I owe him/them something, and I barely have anything left to give.

(4) How I can support myself/how to deal w/them and any human or divine support system I haveKnight of Wands…ignore them and keep selling my pies, promoting my classes.

(5) How to let go of my attachment to the jerk’s input8 of Swords…pout in a corner for a long time?? Actually, this card suggests surrender to me, not to the jerk but to the fact that I cannot change what anyone does.

(6) Result/outcomeStrength…a power struggle…we both want something from each other and each person thinks the other has it easier.

(7) Best approach or overall guidance8 of Cups…I had to look at the spread a few times to notice this but in this card the boy is walking down the path toward home while the Page of Wands is running down the path away from home. Actually, this makes me revisit (2). Perhaps it reflects my impulse rather than my inspiration. My impulse is to run away from home (in this case, the school). But the 8 of Cups visually gives the advice of going back home (continuing to teach at the school).


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