SAMPLE READING: Why is my dog chewing his fur?

This is my first attempt at a dog reading using playing cards. I had to adapt my playing card meanings to fit the world of a dog — the cards are interpreted solely from the dog’s perspective. It’s important to know that I have no formal training or experience in dog behavior other than being a fan of The Dog Whisperer, It’s Me or the Dog and Dogs in the City.

For dog readings, I’m interpreting the suits as:

Clubs = exercise

Hearts = affection

Diamonds = security

Spades = discipline

Based on the dog’s perspective, the face cards are interpreted as:

King = a pack leader/alpha

Queen = an equal/beta

Jack = a subordinate/omega

BACKGROUND: The questioner recently relocated and left her German Shepherd, Zeke, temporarily with her college-aged kids in another state for 9 months. Shortly after arriving at his new home, Zeke began chewing the fur on his right hip.

Past experience: King of Spades

Present experience: Queen of Hearts

What’s wrong: 2 of Hearts

The solution: 10 of Spades

Okay, first I’d like to say that if this reading were for humans it would be very confusing with the 2 of Hearts showing the problem and 10 of Spades the solution. But dogs are not human. Without even getting into the specific card meanings, we can see that the problem is affection and the solution is discipline.

I discovered that the questioner’s daughter had been the only one who could control him during walks. The King of Spades suggests Zeke sees her as the disciplinary pack leader. The questioner is represented by the Queen of Hearts, who signifies an affectionate equal who is offering too much affection (2 of Hearts). The beta is also described as the dog who “wants to be the leader of a pack, but may not have the skills to be a true leader!”  (The Three Personality Types – The breed may also be important in understanding this reading. Perhaps the German Shepherd needs more discipline than affection from their pack leader. The 10 of Spades shows the questioner needs to gain back Zeke’s trust and respect as a pack leader.

If a dog doesn’t trust its owner to be a strong, stable pack leader, it becomes unclear about its correct role within the pack. A dog that is confused about who is in charge is actually concerned about the ability of the pack to survive, so it attempts to fill in the missing leadership elements, often erratically. This can cause aggressionanxietyfear, obsessions, or phobias – what I call “issues”.

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If you are calm-assertive you are dominant and your dog will naturally follow you, he will be calm-submissive and no one has to even say a word or lift a finger. It is the state of mind that matters with dogs. The human world we created doesn’t really work that way anymore (the native Indians had it right), which is why many people have a hard time with these natural principles, but nature works that way and so does your dog.

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