DIVINE INTERVENTION: Rory’s Story Cubes Divination

I just found these at Walmart and thought they would make a great divination tool. There are 9 six-sided cubes giving you 54 different images and unlimited possibilities for readings.

I looked through all the cubes and jotted down my ideas for their meanings. There are no descriptions/meanings of the cubes included since this game is about making up your own story. Here are my interpretations for some of the cubes:

Here’s a sample reading I performed. First, I focused on the question, What can I expect today? Then I picked out 3 cubes from the (a bit too small) little bag that comes with the set. Next, I rolled these 3 cubes and here’s what I got.

The pyramid showed up closest to me. Then the bee followed by the fish. Here’s what happened. The bee (busy as a bee) told me it would be a busy day and it was since it’s the day I go to school and work in the afternoon/evening. I associate the fish with a school of fish or learning/school. So I wasn’t totally surprised to have two people from different organizations both ask me questions about teaching — I learned through an email about some changes in the continuing education program of one school I work with and I received a request to teach a class I don’t normally teach. I have no idea how the pyramid fits in. My initial association for it was something ancient or dealing with history or tradition. Any other ideas?

I’m sure I’ll work with these cute, little cubes again.


5 thoughts on “DIVINE INTERVENTION: Rory’s Story Cubes Divination

  1. This is awesome. I started making up a guide for these earlier this year because I thought that they would be great for divination. I never finished it but I just found my notes. I choose the pyramid for progress (upward movement, one step at a time). For the fish, I decided to use it as something fishy or elusive with the book for school/education. I used bee as active/busy but also for working with others. I love your blog, btw.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog…glad you like it! So, I’m not the only one who found those Story Cubes and decided they were perfect for divination – LOL. I like your “fishy” for fish…I didn’t think of that but it works great. Actually, your pyramid interpretation meshes well with the day I had since I did feel like I was taking a step up with my teaching work. Thanks for the input!!

  2. Ha! Bought these on the plane coming back from a holiday in Turkey. I too thought they looked great for divination:) So just googled if anyone else uses them for this purpose! Great ideas there:) xx

  3. A wonderful idea….I usualmente divine with story cubes…easy to carry in my pocket and they really work…

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