DIY Reading: Strengths and Weaknesses

Get out your playing cards! This is a self-discovery reading that helps you examine your personal assets and liabilities.

This reading can be applied to partnership concerns as well. For instance, you may inquire about the inherent strengths and weaknesses of a business partnership or a romantic relationship. Also, you may perform this reading with a particular concern in mind, for example, “What are my professional assets and liabilities?” or “What strengths and weaknesses do I have in term of friendships?”

Cards: Pip cards only.

Process: Shuffle the cards and select two cards. The number of the first card chosen represents your strengths. The number of the second card represents your weaknesses. Use the interpretations below to determine what the cards reveal about your personal strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are boldface and the weaknesses are in italics. You may find that you have chosen two cards with the same number. If this is the case, your strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin.

The Interpretation


You are a go-getter and have the vision and focus to get new projects and endeavors off the ground.
You lack staying power. Once something has been started, you lose interest.


You have the ability to find common ground and you enjoy doing things as a team.
You are hesitant and unsure of yourself. People treat you as a doormat because you don’t have the confidence to stand your ground.


You are naturally self-expressive and creative.
You are restless and have trouble channeling your energy into worthwhile pursuits.


You are efficient, task-oriented and can maintain order and a stable routine.
You can be rigid in your viewpoint and actions. You are afraid of change.


You strive for independence and freedom. You have a thirst for exploration and knowledge.
You may find yourself alone, alienating others in your drive for freedom and independence.


You are supportive and caring. You take your responsibilities to heart and offer help readily.
You often play the role of martyr. You spend too much time taking care of others and not enough time for yourself.


You have a clear sense of self. You take time for reflection before moving forward in any endeavor.
You have your head in the clouds and are unrealistic.


You have a great deal of personal power and charisma. You are able to persuade others and direct your energies to achieve your dreams.
You are power and money hungry. Financial and career success take precedence over personal relationships.


You are self-actualized – you are comfortable with who you are and your position in life.
You have trouble letting go, hold onto every mistake, and have many regrets about the past that keep you from moving forward.


You are good at working with large groups. You have a way of bringing people together in a sense of community.
You try to do too much and take on too many responsibilities. You are often overextended.

Sample Reading
Doug has had a string of unsuccessful relationships but he’s not sure why. He does this reading to determine his strengths and weaknesses in romantic relationships. His reading:

Strengths: 2 of Clubs
Weaknesses: 8 of Diamonds

The reading shows that while Doug is good at finding common ground (2) with his romantic partners, the relationships must take a back seat to his financial and career aspirations (8).

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