SAMPLE READING: I Am Thankful For…

I did a journaling reading this morning using playing cards and advice interpretations. My journaling prompt is: This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for…Opportunities to….People who motivated me to….Experiences that helped me to…

Here are the cards chosen and their interpretations:

Opportunities to….

  • Jack of Hearts = be romantic
  • Jack of Clubs = make a departure

People who motivated me to…

  • 6 of Spades = release emotional baggage
  • 4 of Spades = repair what’s broken

Experiences that helped me to…

  • Ace of Clubs = start a new project
  • 10 of Hearts = spend more time with family
This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for opportunities to be romantic and make a departure; people who motivated me to release emotional baggage and repair what’s broken; and experiences that helped me to start a new project and spend more time with family.

As usual, I’m blown away by the power of these cards and their connection to my life. The Jacks definitely reflect the opportunities I’m thankful for. Jacks relate to movement, change and adventure. I’m always grateful for opportunities to do something new and different. I get the Jack of Hearts a lot in this context and I’ve found it relates not to romantic love but to idealism – chasing rainbows and following your dreams. Likewise, the Jack of Clubs doesn’t necessarily reflect an actual departure but my departure from the well-worn path.

Of course, the Spades land in the people section. This year has given me the chance to work through many issues (emotional baggage) with different people in my life and repair broken relationships. I am thankful for the conflicts and misunderstandings because they have helped me to get to the heart of my own stuff, to own it and then release it.

I am constantly starting new projects but this year I’ve been focused on only starting things that will allow me more time to spend with my family and to be more mobile so I can really appreciate and enjoy life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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