Every Reading is Divinely Created

One thing to remember is that each reading you perform is divinely created – it is perfect – it needs no additional cards. If you have asked a specific question, shuffled with intent, and released emotional attachment, then you and the cards align to create the perfect reading for the questioner at that moment in time. So, the answer is already there in those 3 cards. However, sometimes you want to select additional cards for clarification purposes because the reading may not be clear to you. I still look at readings sometimes and go, What the heck? In those cases, I go back to the basic meanings and use the add’l tools available (numerical theme, yes/no, two of a kind, emotional outlook, etc.). Also, clarification questions must be asked specifically as well. Just choosing a card to clarify will not usually yield good results.
My response to student question from my course, Your Future Is In The Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days

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