The Bright Side of Spades Cards

To me, Spades represent energy blocks that prevent progress in a certain direction. They are bound to appear in your readings so it’s best to see them in their most positive light. Here’s an example w/the 10 of Spades.

I see the 10 of Spades as meaning a forced loss. Typically, it comes up in readings to signify an ending to some situation, such as the loss of a job or a divorce. It is usually an ending that brings a sense of finality. This card appears in readings where the person has hit rock bottom or reached a very low point in a relationship or career. It’s a card that says you’ve reached a dead-end. The positive message of the 10 of Spades is that there’s no where left to go but up.

What happens when you reach a dead-end on a road? You have to make a decision to turn around or find a new road to take. This is the bright side of the 10 of Spades. It asks a person to accept that they have run their course in a given situation and that it’s time to make some important changes. Usually, there is a need to change mindset or attitude. This card offers a much needed renewal in some area, since the number 10 relates to transition to a new level or purpose in life.

The 10 of Spades resonates with the energy of the 10 of Swords. So when Spades appear in your reading, it’s time for acceptance, transformation and change.


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