SAMPLE READING: Law of Attraction

This is a spread from Tarot Dame. For this reading, I’m using both ADVICE and PREDICTION interpretations.

Law of Attraction Spread

1. What am I attracting now (due to how I’m currently vibrating)? The Joker

2. What do I need to do to raise my vibration to the next level? 8 Clubs

3. What will I attract when I raise my vibration to this level? Ace Hearts

The Joker shows I’m attracting the unexpected. This makes so much sense because every time I feel like I’m starting to head toward abundance, an unexpected issue/bill/financial obligation rears its ugly head. Unfortunate incidents and mistakes seem to be following me around, playing tricks like this Joker.

What I need to do to raise my vibration is travel. Hmm…I’ve had an urge to take a trip to Arizona for years – it feels like my soul needs it. My trip has actually been delayed several times by unexpected events. I think if I can get there, somehow I’ll be renewed. I’ve heard from others who went to Sedona that they visited power vortexes and felt their energetic vibration shift. More to explore here.

When I raise my vibration I’ll love myself and/or meet someone new. I think for this question the love myself is more appropriate. I’ve been so overwhelmed with just getting by that I haven’t spent much time enjoying being me.

The numerical theme for the reading is 9 which shows I’m in a phase of closure w/my law of attraction issues – great! I’ve learned everything I need to know…I just have to apply the knowledge.


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