CINDERELLA READING: What is the current situation between he and I?

Here’s another Cinderella reading I performed for a woman whose question was, “What is the current situation between he and I?”

Card 1 – Current situation – In this image, an announcement/proclamation is being made – the Prince is looking for his future bride – the person who fits the slipper. So, it can show a proclamation of love has already happened, like a marriage proposal. However, I find that often the first card reflects the real question, so perhaps you’re asking, Is my prince looking for his future bride? Am I the person who fits the slipper for him? Am I the one he’s looking for? It can also show that perhaps you have proclaimed your love and want him to “announce” or “proclaim” his love for you. You want to formalize the nature of your relationship and get clarity on your status.

Card 2 – Your perspective – Cinderella is at the ball and she realizes that time is running out – all of her magic will be gone and she’ll have to go home. This card shows you may have a fear that your time is running out (getting married, biological clock, etc.).Or perhaps your are wondering “when” will things progress, etc. in this relationship.

Card 3 – Pivotal Issue – This card shows what is needed to move forward OR what is preventing progress. In this case, Cinderella has left the ball and the magical spell has worn off. Has the magic of your relationship worn off? Perhaps what’s needed is to look at this relationship with clarity and see it for what it really is. These are just a bunch of mice and a pumpkin. So, you may have to make your own magic in this situation. Or maybe that’s what’s preventing progress – not seeing the magic in the relationship.

Card 4 – His perspective – In this image, Cinderella is having the fairy godmother change the pumpkin into a magical coach. This card seems to come up when people are asking, “Will my partner change?” or “Can this relationship be transformed?” In this case, he is represented by Cinderella so he’s asking this question. It’s important to note that the pumpkin also appeared in the previous card showing the pivotal issue. So perhaps he’s asking, “Can we get the magic back?” Since the pumpkin shows up in both the pivotal position and his perspective, my guess is that his perspective is controlling the direction of this relationship. Also, your card shows Cinderella at the ball while his card shows Cinderella still at home in rags. This suggests you two are on different pages of this relationship.

Card 5 – Where this relationship is headed (3 months) – In this image the fairy godmother transforms Cinderella from rags to silks so she can go to the ball. This is a positive card because it’s moving him forward through the story (remember his Cinderella is in rags) and it shows the fairy godmother. Whenever the fairy godmother appears, I see it as a potential transformation. When I chose this card, I intended for it to reflect both the relationship and you specifically. So, this could mean magically transforming the relationship or you finding your own personal power in this relationship.

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