Get out your playing cards! This self-discovery reading reveals the faces we wear and the roles we play.

Cards: Face cards only.

Process: Focus on the question, “Who am I?” Shuffle the face cards and select four cards, one for each of the following statements:

(a) This is the face I show to the world.
(b) This is the real me.
(c) This is the part of me I keep hidden (represents your shadow side or the things you don’t like about yourself or are afraid to express).
(d) This is who I’d like to become.

Use the information below to interpret your reading.

The Interpretation
Jack of Clubs – the Traveler, the Salesperson, the Negotiator
Jack of Hearts – the Hopeless Romantic, the Pipe Dreamer, the Don Juan
Jack of Diamonds – the Gambler, the Cheapskate, the Career Changer
Jack of Spades – the Troublemaker, the Two-Faced Friend, the Rumor Mill
Queen of Clubs – the Hostess with the Mostest, the Motivator, the Seducer
Queen of Hearts – the Sister, the Sweetheart, the Doormat
Queen of Diamonds – the Mother, the Juggler of Career and Family, the Homebody
Queen of Spades – the Jilted Lover, the Mourner, the Ice Queen
King of Clubs – the Manager, the Head Honcho, the Mover and Shaker
King of Hearts – the Father, the Artist, the Wounded King
King of Diamonds – the Breadwinner, the Real Estate Mogul, the Workaholic
King of Spades – the Decisionmaker, the Judge and Jury, the Strategist

Sample Reading

Diane is a single mother of two. Her husband passed away suddenly three years ago and she has been struggling to make ends meet ever since. She works as an assistant manager at a retail store, serves as fundraising coordinator for the PTA and has not been on a date since her husband’s untimely death. Diane feels she has lost her identity and purpose in life. She pulls the following cards for her Who Am I? Reading:

(a) This is the face I show to the world: Queen of Spades

(b) This is the real me: Jack of Hearts

(c) This is the part of me I keep hidden (represents your shadow side or the things you don’t like about yourself or are afraid to express): Jack of Spades

(d) This is who I’d like to become: King of Clubs

Diane’s face to the world is the Mourner since her husband’s death. It shows she is still grieving and depressed, and she’s having trouble motivating herself. Diane is really the Jack of Hearts, though. She’s a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. Even though she has not pursued dating in several years, this card shows she wants to explore some new possibilities in that area. The Jack of Hearts also reveals she has high hopes and aspirations for herself.

Her shadow side is the Jack of Spades, but she is afraid to stir things up like this Jack would. The King of Clubs is who Diane would like to become. It’s the only King in the reading which shows she really wants to leave behind her passive (Queen) and unexperienced (Jack) aspects and be more of an authority figure. This King is a take-charge person. Diane may want to be promoted to the position of manager on the job or just simply feel more in control of her life. She wants to make things happen and really shake things up in her life.

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