My Life Path Reading

I just got my Pathways to the Soul cards and I’ve been excited to try a Life Path reading with them. I want to examine my journey through the past, present and future. My intention for these cards is to see life as if I’m walking along these different paths, taking note of the description of the path (rocky, clear, barren, populated). Am I on the fast track? Or out in the middle of nowhere? Is life an uphill battle? Or am I coasting downhill? Instead of having set meanings for these cards, I’m using a Story Divination technique that involves looking at the picture and just stating what you see.


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Past life path (where I’ve been)Out in the middle of nowhere

This looks like a desolate road, an old highway out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t have an especially warm feeling about this one – just makes me feel lost, hot and wandering. I feel like I might be hitchhiking. All the telephone poles create a certain monotony that makes me uneasy. There are cars in the distance but I can’t tell if they are coming or going.

This seems to describe a long stretch of my life — lost and wandering — where I felt I was out in the middle of nowhere, unsure of where to put my talents and energies…just hitchhiking along trying to figure out where I fit in. Cars in dreams usually symbolize your direction in life and how you’re moving through it. In this image, the cars suggest I wasn’t sure what direction I was headed in….couldn’t tell whether I was coming or going.

Present life path (where I am now)Taking the scenic route

This is a pretty path with lots of pretty flowers and plants to look at. It looks like a car or something has made a well-worn path here. We’re going around a curve and I can’t see that far ahead but it looks like more of the same pretty flowers. Very scenic although a bit hazy. Actually, it looks like there’s a clearing up ahead.

At this time, I AM taking the scenic route. Even though I’m working on a million projects and I’m in school, life is pretty easy right now because I have the luxury to focus on what I want to do. I’m a little bit more focused on where I’m headed but things are still a bit hazy. Just realized I used the word “pretty” three times which suggests things are NOT as pretty as they seem.

Future life path (where I’m headed)Coasting downhill

Wheeee! Going downhill on roller skates is how this feels…like I’m sliding down this path very quickly. I like the surroundings but it doesn’t look like I’ll have much time to look around since I’ll be passing by so quickly. This reminds me of a zoo for some reason. I imagine the animals are in pens just behind the bamboo. Everything looks very gated and closed off to the side of the path but in a subtle way. It’s like saying you’re not supposed to see all this behind the bamboo curtain. Up ahead it looks like a wide open area but I can’t see that far.

The zoo doesn’t sound good BUT I really like zoos so maybe it’s a positive omen. I’m hoping once I get out of school things will take off career-wise in some areas I’m shoring up now. I am having trouble “seeing” what the future might bring because many of my projects depend on other people to help move them along. I do like that the path appears clear of any debris or lines. It makes me think of starting with a clean slate or not having any obstacles in my way – sounds good!


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