The Joke’s on You: A Look at the Joker Card

jokerThe Joker in a regular playing card deck is often used as a wild card. I like to keep this card in the deck and use it in my readings. Here are some ways the Joker can be used.

The Joker signifies an unknown quality and can mean that something completely unexpected will occur in the questioner’s life. The Joker is like a blank slate and although you may have clear plans about your direction, life may take you on an important journey.

In most decks there are two Jokers. In these cases, I assign two different meanings to them. One I call the Little Joker and the other becomes the Big Joker. The Little Joker is similar to The Fool in tarot and may signify unexpected journeys, crossroads, leap of faith, new outlook, and a new direction. The Big Joker is similar to the Tower in tarot and may represents a major shake-up, destructive change, releasing old habits and ideas, or internal and external cleansing process.

One thing I’ve discovered about the Jokers is that how often they appear in your readings depends on how you use them and what meanings you attach to them. Jokers don’t appear very frequently in my readings because I use them as major life changing events. If you use them to mean surprises or unexpected occurrences, they may show up more frequently. So in MY readings, when two Jokers appear in a 3-card spread there is a tremendous amount of change going on and lots of surprises from life. Double Jokers (Jokers side by side) suggest something even bigger, like a major life change that requires both a destructive phase and a leap of faith into new territory. Something like a biblical Job experience.


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