Pendulum Dowsing: How It Works

“….the micro-movements you wrote about are exactly how dowsing works according to scientific studies. The brain of the dowser sends signals to the muscles which make micro-movements that are translated into larger movements by the object that is being held.
The question still remains…how does the dowser’s brain know what signal to send? In other words, how does your brain know what the right answer is or where the lost object is? This is what science CAN’T prove. Divination as others have mentioned is about faith and tapping into the eternal knowledge within. You already know ALL the answers. When you dowse, you are bypassing your conscious mind to tap into this knowing. But yes, on a physical and biological level, your muscles are creating micro-movements that move the dowsing object.”
My response to: Every time I’ve seen someone else use [a pendulum], in person or one video, their hand is lose and their own natural micro-movements are making the pendulum move… on Spiritual Forums

One thought on “Pendulum Dowsing: How It Works

  1. Everything in the Universe vibrates. The whole Universe is built up of vibrating energy. The pendulum obeys the principles of the Universe, its physical laws and mathematical rules. By using it, we can enter into each object or person’s vibration and catch their waves of radiation.
    The pendulum is operated by the human biophysical field and subconscious. When radiesthesists ask a question, they emit a signal to the cosmic information. When their thoughts come back with the answer, it makes the pendulum move.
    The essence of pendulum fortune telling

    More than 90% of people living on the Earth are potential radiesthesists. Of course, not everybody has the same level of abilities. Some people may be born with a slight gift in this field, others may have much more. Only a few are exceptionally talented to begin with. People who possess creative and artistic abilities, as well as people with high sensitivity, are among the most talented radiesthesists.
    However, it is important to know that these abilities can be developed and enhanced by practicing them constantly.
    The pendulum fortune tellers can understand the present and have the incredible gift of predicting certain things in the future. Fortune tellers and radiesthesists are, without doubt, people with a strong intuition. Using a radiesthetic pendulum strengthens their intuition and makes its messages fully understandable. So the pendulum could be considered as a ‘translator’ or ‘generator’ of the human intuition, a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. By using it, we can connect with our subconscious and find answers to questions that would be impossible to determine without the help of the pendulum. Our present or future actions are in our subconscious. Therefore the pendulum is a very precious tool for getting information about our future life. It is an extraordinary way of communicating with our subconscious and projecting the future.
    The moment we learn how to connect with our subconscious, we receive a direct access to the ocean of information that is encoded in it. We become more aware of our inner Selves and spiritual needs. If we add the wisdom gained through our life experience to all this, we would achieve a great power and the ability to evolve, understand the meaning of life and achieve our goals without any conscious effort!

    A radiesthesist’s etiquette

    ▪ Radiesthesia requires truth, complete devotion, conscientiousness and the application of knowledge for the good of humanity (Law of purpose)*
    ▪ A radiesthesist should treat the infinite source, the ultimate intelligence of the Universe, with reverence and respect (The Law of Pure Potentiality)
    ▪ Radiesthesists should be open-minded, receptive and spiritually uplifted. Otherwise ‘the unknown’ Supreme forces that they work with will turn against them.
    ▪ A good radiesthesist knows how to stay silent, observe and research (Law of nonalignment). Teachers, or those who are totally committed to the science, are an exception. Their purpose is to train people or advise them whenever they seek help.
    ▪ Radiesthesia should not be used as a means of demonstrating some ‘special powers’ with spiritual superiority over all others. All frivolous questions will be given the same answer because the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe, the so called cosmic joker, has a wonderful sense of humour.
    ▪ Fortune telling should not be the ultimate aim of radiesthesia and there are higher reasons for keeping it as a secret. Essentially, our right of ‘free choice’ in changing the future could be broken if this is not observed. Therefore this science should be used only as a subsidiary resource in the Now and for evolving our intuition.
    ▪ All egotistic actions and considerations, leading to personal or material benefits, should be excluded. This also applies to using information about others merely out of curiosity. Whenever you profit from using this knowledge, you should give away a part of it to others less fortunate, or simply help without expecting any reward. Your forces know how to repay you (Law for giving and receiving).

    * See ‘Creating energy protection’ in Chapter 3

    Mental radiesthesia

    Divining and Dowsing

    by Tanya Tsiolakidou

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