This reading was inspired by Tarot Dame‘s F-E-A-R spread. I’m using the advice interpretations with playing cards.

1. False: A fear that you have which is false or unfounded.

2. Evidence: The proof you have that this fear is false.

3. Appearing: Why it appears otherwise (why this fear appears real to you).

4. Real: What is the real truth of the matter.

FALSE – Ace of Clubs = start a new project

My first thought was, “This doesn’t make any sense…I LOVE starting new projects…it’s not a fear!” Ask anyone who knows about the hundred projects I’ve just started this week. But then I re-read Tarot Dame’s personal reading in which she chooses a card that represents a deep wish or desire. Then it hit me: our fears ARE tied to our desires. We fear losing what we want or gaining what we want (fear of failure or fear of success).

What are my fears related to starting new projects: (1) that I will not finish them, (2) that they won’t be successful, at least not by the measurement of my vision for them (3) that they will become a burden (too much responsibility or too time-consuming)

EVIDENCE – 8 of Spades = feel powerful

My proof is in the power. My fears are tied to my perspective and willpower, not to external situations, so I control the outcome. If I felt more powerful I would not have these fears. New affirmation: I have the power to complete new projects successfully without getting overwhelmed.

APPEARING – Queen of Hearts = be intuitive

I am known among my friends and peers as the down-to-earth, very logical, buttoned-up person who’s got it all together. Truth is…. I’m really a big flake! I’m TOO intuitive. My energies take me in a thousand different directions. It requires all my mental power to stay on track and focus on one project at a time. It’s hard work! So my fears that I will become overwhelmed or not finish projects are based on the fact that being wishy-washy is a part of my nature.

REAL – 6 of Clubs = lead, motivate, inspire

The real truth lies in leadership, motivation and inspiration. To finish projects I need to stay motivated. I will always be successful if I stay inspired by my vision. Finally, if I use good leadership skills (perhaps delegating and time-management), I won’t get overwhelmed.

Wow! I didn’t think this spread would work w/the playing cards but I got a really insightful reading. Thanks Tarot Dame!


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