JOURNAL: What tastes sweet in my life?

German Alphabet Book Primer _9_play

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I chose a card from another deck — my Second Sight Cards — to reflect what tastes sweet. On the one hand, this is showing the opposite of the bitterness card – play as opposed to work! This kid is playing with wild abandon – not even paying attention to what’s going on around him. For life to be sweeter, I must play more. I get this theme a LOT in my readings. On a deeper level, I think this shows the sweetness of life lies in my ability to make a game out of life’s most ordinary things. I get a lot of pleasure from making the ordinary extraordinary and it’s the hallmark of my teaching which brings us back to work. So, it’s a vicious cycle – I love my work so it’s like play but too much time spent behind a spinning wheel (i.e., computer) will make me bitter. I just noticed that the wheel shows up in this image too (oh, synchronicity!) but it’s been set aside and put in the background. Good advice – put the wheel (work/computer) to the back burner once in a while!

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