My Where Am I Reading

Found this spread on Tarot Dame‘s blog as well — it examines your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual outlook. I chose it because I wanted to use my Oracle Historique deck which features images from a book on medieval costumes. Not sure if I like the deck yet so I’m trying out spreads that may work with it. Here goes:


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What I like about this deck is how the characters seem to be interacting with each other when the spread is laid out in a row. This brings into play a whole new set of dynamics.

Card 1 — My physical state — This is so funny. This guy (I imagine he’s an actor) is really showing off his backside. My mind is playing that I’m Too Sexy song… He’s got great legs and buns. I’ve been teaching fitness classes again, mostly so I can be disciplined enough to do my own workout, and I’m getting back my great legs and buns too. However, if we look at this reading as four different people, my physical state has completely isolated himself from the rest of the group. Question to ponder: How can I better integrate my physical state with my mental, emotional and spiritual states?

Card 2 — My mental state — I see this guy as a servant of some kind. He’s holding a sword and robe but they don’t belong to him – he’s just holding them for his master. Mentally, this guy doesn’t believe in his power (sword) or authority (robe). He knows his role and he does his job well but he’s lacking confidence and doesn’t believe he will ever be master of his own domain.

Card 3 — My emotional state — Can you say guarded? He’s got a bow and arrow and he’s throwing a mean look over his shoulder at my mental state. “Why you eyeballing me?” He’s so focused on what’s behind him that he doesn’t notice what’s in front of him (too focused on the past). He’s wearing a pink outer garment, a color I associate with compassion. Perhaps he’s guarded because he’s afraid of being so emotionally vulnerable. I also notice his arrow is pointed straight at my spiritual state suggesting that this guarded state has a detrimental impact on my spirit.

Card 4 — My spiritual state — This guy looks like Mr. Helpful. He’s being super courteous and polite. He seems to be asking my emotional state if he can help out. “Good day sir, you seem to be a bit uptight! Is there any way I can help you let down your guard?” He’s decked out in pink and green, both colors associated with the heart chakra.

This was really fun…maybe I’ll use this deck a little more.

How would you use these cards in a reading? Any spreads you can recommend that would work well with these? 

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