My Hateful to Grateful Reading

I did The Tarot Lady’s Hateful to Grateful tarot spread. It helps you to see the good in the bad. I decided to go through the deck and consciously select my first card for the HATEFUL part, the way Theresa does. The 5 of Swords seemed to reflect my pain the best — the little girl left crying alone in the street represents me and the man in the card represents my ex who stole my heart and ran away.


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The Knight of Pentacles was chosen at random from the deck. Ironically, this card showed up in Theresa’s reading too, although she used the Rider-Waite deck. In this image, a man is helping a woman up the stairs. He reminds me of a doorman. What’s interesting is that he’s wearing a similar hat and colors as the thief in the 5 of Swords so this doorman represents my ex which means I’m symbolized by the woman. My take-away from this pairing is that my experiences in that relationship helped me to evolve (step up to a new level of understanding) on many levels. I get the sense that I have “graduated” from a pattern of relationship experiences and now I’m ready for new ones. And I am very grateful for that.


2 thoughts on “My Hateful to Grateful Reading

  1. Hi Kristen

    So cool to see my spread in action on someone else’s blog! And what a beautiful interpretation – the “step up to a new level” part makes total sense with the image provided. I love it!


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