SAMPLE READING: Should I let go of a long-term friendship?

This sample reading was submitted by a student in my course, Your Future Is In the Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days! She performed this reading for a client as part of her practical exam.

The Question: “Should I let go of a long-term friendship?”

“I have been best friends with this person for about 20 years. I have noticed that she has been withdrawing from the friendship for months. In a recent phone conversation she said that she needed to ‘disconnect’ and that she felt ‘disconnected from me.’ I know she is dealing with some heavy issues in her life and she is also in denial about being depressed. So, should I let her go and no longer try to call or be friends with her?”
Cards Chosen: 8 of Spades, King of Clubs (face toward the 8 of Spades), Little Joker

ladymarionreadingFinal Response: Your friendship with this person has run its cycle. It is now time to release her so you can grow and expand in your own life. Be open to new opportunities to make new friends.

The card meanings:
8 of Spades = restrictions
King of Clubs = someone who enjoys being in charge. The King is facing the Spade pip and this means that the person’s emotional outlook is pessimistic and unhappy.
Little Joker = leap of faith

Numerical Meaning: (3)
8 + 1 + 3 = 12 = 1+2= 3
Three – “There is a focus on growth and expansion after the passive waiting period of the two cycle. This is a time where socializing and self-promotion are likely. There is the possibility of expression through the written or spoken word. Three also represents increases of all kinds.”

**If she had only asked the question without the background information I may have answered with “NO,” try to keep the friendship. She is going through a difficult time because of the dark cards and the Joker that are in the spread.

I pulled three extra cards to get a physical description of who the King of Clubs may be. Is the King a male (her husband) who is influencing her decision?

I drew the Jack of Spades=physical build=weight change,
the 9 of Hearts=complexion=fair complexion,
and the Queen of Diamonds=hair and eye color=long, brown hair and brown eyes.

These cards gave the exact description of her friend so I knew the King of Clubs represented a female in this reading.

Card 1: What is happening?
The friend has evaluated the friendship and no longer wants to be friends.
Eight of Spades: “Restrictions abound with this card. You may be hampered by internal obstacles, such as fears of taking the first step toward a goal and not knowing what to expect. Or there may be real external limitations like lacking resources to get a job done. It may also be that someone is manipulating you into following their orders and you are lacking control. This card can also relate to repressing a valuable quality inside yourself and relinquishing your personal power.”

Card 2: The real issue, underlying influences, or conflict/problem.
The card is facing the 8 of Spades. She has made the decision on her own to end the friendship.
King of Clubs: “This King likes to be in charge if he isn’t actually in charge of something. He often represents your boss, supervisor, management or a CEO so he’s sometimes tied to work settings. Like the Queen of Clubs, he’s naturally charming and a great communicator with strong negotiation and persuasion skills. Although the Kings typically represent men in committed relationships, this King tends to act single even if he’s not.”

Card 3: The outcome or answer. Where things are headed.
This card is advice for the querent to let go of the friendship. Be open to new opportunities to make new friends.
Little Joker: “The Little Joker relates to unexpected journeys, crossroads, leap of faith, new outlook, and new direction.”

Feedback from the questioner after the reading:
The querent thought that this person’s husband was encouraging her to end the friendship because of his selfish reasons. The cards revealed that it was the person herself who has made the decision to end the friendship.

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