My Career Path Reading

Using my Pathways to the Soul cards, I chose 3 to signify my career path.


Card 1 — My past career path

I’m on a highway out in the country, traveling pretty fast as miles of green pastures zip by. There is a hill on either side so right now I can’t see much of the scenery around me. I’ve been traveling pretty fast down my career path but haven’t really been able to enjoy the scenery around me. This card is like having tunnel vision, very focused on moving forward but not really enjoying life.

Card 2 — My present career path

This is a pretty path full of pink flowers. The color pink always reminds me of compassion and healing so perhaps this relates to my current career as a reflexologist. It looks like this path branches off up a hill and around a curve. Compared to the highway I was just on, this path becomes quite narrow when it branches off. Interestingly, this is another scenic path much like the card I chose in my Life Path Reading. This card suggests I will be branching off in a new direction that is narrower in scope, perhaps specializing in a particular area.

Card 3 — My future career path

Bridges signify transitions to me and on this path the bridge leads to the city. I take this to mean that in the future I can expect a career transition which will allow me to reach a wider audience with my skills and talents.

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