My Charlotte Mason Reading

This is another great spread found on Tarot Dame’s blog. It’s one that can be done for a daily draw but I decided to use a monthly time period. I’m using cards I created called Second Sight Cards. The images are from a German alphabet book. I think of this deck as a Lenormand-esque style deck so I’m looking forward to seeing its potential. QUESTION: What do I need to focus on this month?


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In this deck there are a total of 27 images repeated twice so in this case, The Cook appears twice in this reading flanking the Love card.

Card 1 — Something to think about
In this position, I think The Cook is asking me to think about all of the time and energy I put into multitasking and managing all the figurative pots on my stove of life. The Cook rarely takes time out to nurture herself since she’s so busy taking care of everyone and everything else. I need to think about ways to nurture myself and nourish my center.

Card 2 — Something to do
I realized when I saw this card that the reading was bringing to the forefront a conversation I recently had about romantic relationships. Not currently in one, this card seems to advise this as something I should be working on…finding a life-long companion, falling in love…

Card 3 — Something to love
Perhaps The Cook repeated here is reinforcing the first card, suggesting that I not only need to think about nurturing myself but I need to actually love doing it. When I take the time to find my center and relax and settle in, I have to admit I don’t love it. I want to love that feeling and I do for a few moments but then my mind catches a new idea and I’m off and running! Some of these issues were brought out in My One Card Celtic Cross Reading. In that reading, I was trying to get home to prepare supper.

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