Interpreting Energy Blocks in Card Pairs

Card reversals are often used to reveal blocked card energies. Here’s a way to look at card pairs without using reversals to get the same information. With playing cards, I use the Spades to represent energy blocks.  Whenever a Spade appears, it also prevents the full expression of the energy of the previous card.

Think of it this way…you’re getting in a brisk morning walk before work, happy as can be and making good time, when you are forced to stop. This slows you down, annoys you, and makes you a little late for work. In the process of having to stop in your tracks, though, you are forced to be patient and wait, and while waiting you take notice of how the leaves on the trees are turning into beautiful autumn hues, something you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t forced to stop.


When a Spade card shows up in a reading, I know something needs to be accepted and transformed before the block can be removed. Particularly if it appears at the end of the reading, there is a significant obstacle in the way that prevents progress.


In this case, a 3rd wheel (3 of Spades) breaks up a partnership (2 of Hearts).

But, we don’t have to limit this understanding to playing cards. You’ve probably noticed something similar occurring with tarot and other oracle cards too. When these blockage cards appear, it changes the nature of the card that precedes it.


Second Sight Cards images courtesy of

For instance, this card pair suggests a trip is canceled.

What do you make of this pair energetically?


Pathways to the Soul images courtesy of

Some possibilities: on a dead-end path; becoming narrow-minded; limited choices; unable to envision the future.

With tarot cards, sometimes it’s best to just focus on the imagery and notice any similarities between the symbols or actions.


Over the Moon Tarot images courtesy of

Visually, both images show a character up high (the woman in the tree and Humpty on the wall) so this is important. The translated metaphor is the questioner has climbed to a certain height but fallen. So this pairing can suggest a fall from grace; a loss of reputation or executive position; having the “world” and losing it; and also a literal fall from a height.

So what if the block appears first in the pair? This shows that you have released it, accepted it, transformed it,  overcome it, and can now move past it.


4 thoughts on “Interpreting Energy Blocks in Card Pairs

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you could provide a bit of insight on a yes/no playing card reading I did. I pretty much understand every card, but 7 of Spades really confused me. I asked if I would find love this year and got:

    2 of Hearts
    Ace of Hearts
    3 of Hearts
    8 of Hearts
    7 of Spades

    So given the predominance of red heart cards the answer is yes, but 7 of Spades really threw me off. I have been trying to understand what it means next to the 8 of Hearts, and also as an ending to the whole positive reading. If you could please shed some light into this I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, lovely blog!!

    • Thanks for sharing your reading Mar. I’m not familiar with your spread or what card meanings you use so that’s going to take precedence over my input. Here are my meanings for each of the cards you selected.

      2 of Hearts = partnership, attraction, compatibility
      Ace of Hearts = I love, deep fondness for someone or something
      3 of Hearts = friendship
      8 of Hearts = change of heart
      7 of Spades = secrets, something missing or hidden

      If we are only looking at your reading in light of the post on Interpreting Energy Blocks then a Spades card ending a row of cards shows a block or obstacle in your path. There are several ways to interpret any card reading and it’s doubly difficult to interpret another person’s reading. Your reading may be showing a progression of events this year and could be interpreted as Yes, you will find love but expect to deal with secrets or missing information. Your reading can also show you have everything you need to find love but there is still a missing piece. Either way, the Spades card shows there is something that needs to be accepted and transformed.

      In my system the 8 of Hearts is more of a neutral card. It reflects having a change of heart about something. In love, this can mean that you want a relationship with someone one day, and then something changes and you have a change of heart about this person and where the relationship is heading. Of course, the opposite is true too. You can have a change of heart about a friend and start to see that person as a significant other.

      Hope this helps!

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