Comparative Tarot: 6 of Cups

This is my own version of comparative tarot work. I’m not using any book meanings, but just looking at the card and writing what I see. Then I’ll summarize the keyword themes.


The Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator

A young girl is giving flowers to her mother or maybe an aunt or teacher. It’s a woman she loves and admires. They are surrounded by bouquets of flowers but the girl has selected this one especially for the woman. This card is about giving a gift, admiration, and making a choice out of several options.


The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot by Helena Domenic

Two little girls embrace as if they are slightly in fear of something and they are holding each other in comfort. Everything around them signifies warmth and peace yet they are not quite comfortable in these surroundings. They are wearing fairy wings as if they were playing before the trouble began. This card symbolizes innocence and peace disturbed but also finding comfort in a close friend or family member.


Over the Moon Tarot image courtesy of

A mother bounces baby on her knee and teaches her The Little Piggies rhyme. This card is about a mother-child relationship and bonding, nurturing and being responsible for the care of someone or something. It can also show the innocence of childhood.

Keywords for 6 of Cups: comfort, bonding, innocence. close friends and family, admiration, mother-child type of relationship.


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