My Watchword Reading Part 1

I performed a modified Watchword reading using The Prairie Tarot. I usually take a few days just to examine the visual statement the cards make in their various positions, so this is all we’ll focus on in Part 1.

  • Do you notice any symbols repeated?
  • Are the characters in similar poses?
  • Contrast action vs. inaction.
  • Contrast left column (inner self) vs. right column (outer expression).
  • Contrast top row (progression) vs. bottom row (regression).

The Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator courtesy of The Fool’s Dog Tarot Apps

Top row shows what moves me forward. These characters look very serene, and powerful in a quiet way. The top middle card looks like colored pencils pointing to the right or toward the future.

Bottom row…After studying the bottom row for some time I realized that there is something that doesn’t belong in each image. The distinguished gentleman carries a sword, the Magician who tricks your eyes with games of illusion is wearing glasses, and the old man is in the way at his own home.

Left column is my real or hidden self. You can’t see anyone’s face in these 3 cards.

Right column is what’s external. Contrasted to the left column, everyone here is looking forward or to the right (facing the present or looking toward the future).

Two images show floating colored objects…this reminds me of all the ideas that are constantly floating around in my head.

Two cards show home life. Top right corner (Imago) showing the Empress and bottom left corner (Shadow) showing 10 of Pentacles. But the Empress looks like she owns her home while the old man in the 10 of Pentacles looks like he’s in the way.

Two cards depict one man standing alone outside. These are also in opposing positions. In the top left corner (Guide) is the 3 of Staves and bottom right corner (Spectre) shows Page of Swords. The Page faces us but the 3 of Staves character looks off into the distance.

There seems to be only one card (Persona) that shows real action.

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