ONE CARD READING: Is there love in my future?


This is a one-card reading completed by a blog visitor…

Question: Is there love in my future?

What’s happening? Why is it happening?: This lady is walking down a winding road with a nap sack on her back and her baby in a basket. There is a house in the background with a red roof she seems to be leaving it. Her eyes are fixed on something in front of her and she looks like she is determined to go in that direction. The wind is blowing her dress from behind as if gently pushing her forward. The baby looks to be very happy with the journey.

What’s wrong? What is the major concern?: Nothing seems wrong.

What has already happened? What will happen next?: She has gathered her belongings and she is headed out to a new destination. Next she will arrive at a new place with new beginnings.

Describe this character and their environment.: This lady has on a blue skirt with a white apron, reddish shirt with collar and a white bonnet. She has a green bag on her back that looks full and a basket on her arm with a happy baby. The grass is green, blue skies with white clouds and she is walking on a dirt road.

What does this character want and need?: She looks as though she has what she needs to take to her new destination.

What is the solution? What action is necessary?: She needs to keep moving forward and never look back.

Visitor’s follow-up comment on her reading: It sounds by reading this that I am on the path that I need to be on in order to find love 🙂  eyes more open
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