JOURNAL: What thoughts & feelings am I most aware of as another year comes to a close?

I am using this journaling prompt found on twitter via @Write4LifeCoach. I chose Hollyhock from my Flower Children Cards deck.


Hollyhock – Image courtesy of

She reminds me of a Southern belle, and represents grace and femininity. The pink and green connect to the heart chakra, and the emphasis on the pink in her garment is for compassion. I also looked up the flower essence of hollyhock:

Tenderness; stimulates hope where one may feel held back, repressed. Opens and releases barriers of the heart chakra, breaks through blocks in growth process; with the change of heart one can begin to change all other aspects of one’s life. Offers inspiration to continue, especially when one considers the journey too difficult; useful with other remedies for encouragement on the Path.

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