The 8 of Spades as a Career Path

legalOn Lindaland Personal Readings forum, I responded to a questioner’s confusion about which career path to pursue.

Given that each suit relates to a specific career path, I wanted to choose a card that reflected both a possible career path and the type of work. The 8 of Spades appeared.

The suit suggests a career in the areas of law or law enforcement or dealing with the seedy side of life. Some of my extended meanings for this card:

    • trapped in counterproductive patterns
    • external limitations
    • lack of resources
    • feelings of incompetence and powerlessness
    • roadblocks

I chose another card to reflect an aspect of the job – what would the job actually entail. The 3 of Clubs relates to communication, speaking, writing, getting the word out. Then it hit me – advocacy! I suggested that she look at a career in advocacy, speaking (and/or writing) on behalf of people who are “stuck” in life and have limited resources or circumstances. A career as a social worker or public defender are also possibilities.


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