DIVINE INTERVENTION: Divination App by Dmitri Roudakov

I found this FREE app — Divination by Dmitri Roudakov — and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a divination system like the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards deck.

This divinatory method involves solving a puzzle. There are 20 squares or tiles. Each square is divided into four parts. Each part contains half of a picture.


To solve the puzzle and find your fortune, you must tap on the screen to turn the pictures around to see if half of a symbol  in one square matches another half of a symbol in another square. You will not be able to connect all of the squares…only a few of them will connect to make symbols.


I’ve circled the symbols I found in this puzzle. There are interpretations for each symbol but I’ve been using my own interpretations.

Sun – happiness
Cross – help is needed; a sacrifice made
Pillar – crossroads; what direction to take?
Crescent Moon – growth or increase
Skull – illness, major obstacle

What I really like about this system is that two people can get a different divinatory response from this method. I realized that my eyes only notice certain symbols and don’t notice other symbols. In the image above, the blue lines connect to symbols I overlooked — Horseshoe and Man. So someone else who saw those symbols first would have a different fortune than I, even with the same puzzle. You can also determine your fortune from the order in which you choose the symbols. This means that if you see Skull before Sun, this could reveal a recovery from illness.


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