My Watchword Reading Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of my Watchword reading using The Prairie Tarot. I took out positions Station and Battle and just used Destiny for the center position. See Part 1 for the initial assessment. This time I’m adding my own card interpretations for each position.


The Prairie Tarot images courtesy of The Fool’s Dog

Giant (top middle) — 8 of Staves….represents my strengths and motivation
Strange…these look like colored pencils floating in the air above the water. Completely useless up there though. They remind me of the colored cups in the 7 of Cups…brightly colored things floating in mid-air. This card is about moving forward because all of the pencils point to the right. This card also shows when you need to move forward it’s best to rely on your mind (air) rather than your emotions (water).

Dwarf (bottom middle) — Magician….represents my weaknesses and limitations
A con artist who plays parlour tricks for money. Step right up and prepare to lose every dime in your pocket. This guy can make your money disappear. This card symbolizes games of chance and life experiences that are too good to be true.

Persona (right middle) — 6 of Staves….represents the face I present to others
This guy is competing at a rodeo and he and his horse are doing very well in the competition. He looks a little nervous but his horse is confident in his jump. This card is about taking a leap of faith and trusting your instincts. It also relates to healthy competition and getting over life’s hurdles.

Soul (left middle) — 7 of Cups….represents the real me
This man is sitting in a room alone. He’s been drinking so he’s hallucinating these colored cups floating in the air. He’s about to pass out and when he does all the cups will figuratively come crashing down to the floor. This card is about different ways of being drunk and disillusioned. It also relates to imagination and seeing the world in bright colors like the cups.

Imago (top right) — Empress….represents my goals or aspirations
A languid woman sits on her porch feeding chickens and doing needlepoint. She looks like the type of woman who is very much in charge, perhaps she has quite a few adult children and grandchildren, all of whom call her Ma. She is very content with her place in life, now that she is older and wiser. She doesn’t make a fuss about most things. This card is about being content with your place in life and owning your space.

Shadow (bottom left) — 10 of Pentacles….represents what is hidden
An older gentleman pets his loyal dogs while his disloyal family walks away from him. They think he’s getting in the way and they are unsure of what to do with him (put him in a nursing home, etc.). The only ones that don’t judge him are the dogs.

Spectre (bottom right) — Page of Swords….represents fears and anxieties
A gentleman has just won a duel but he’s not happy about it. He got what he wanted but he had to kill another man in the process and the victory has left him empty.

Guide (top left) — 3 of Staves….represents guidance from Higher Self
A man is standing on the docks. A bird friend stops by to stare into the distance with him. This man is pondering something, his future perhaps. If he stares into the distance long enough, he will gain a new perspective and know just what to do.

Destiny (middle) — 2 of Pentacles….represents where things are headed
A rattlesnake has coiled around 2 coins. This is unfortunate because what is a rattlesnake going to do with money? Yet it’s protecting the coins and doesn’t look like anyone will be able to take them away. This card is about protecting your assets and guarding your possessions. It’s also about holding your valuable qualities close to you and not letting others dismiss them.

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One thought on “My Watchword Reading Part 2

  1. Having read your Watchword spread, i struggled to find your conclusion. It is fine stating the card interpretations but if you don’t bring it all together it remains very disjointed and therefore loses impact.

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