SAMPLE READING: 2013 New Year’s Resolution

nyearsSomeone asked me yesterday if I had any New Year’s resolutions. I don’t usually make these but I will choose a few cards to see what I should focus on for the year. Using a prompt from The Fortune-Teller’s Journal and my advice meanings, here are my New Year’s resolutions:

In 2013, I resolve to….

10 of Spades = see the light at the end of the tunnel

10 of Diamonds = feel wealthy even if I’m not

9 of Diamonds = be all that I can be

King of Hearts = offer counsel to someone in need

10 of Clubs = delegate when I’m overwhelmed

Look at all the 10s! Double 10s reveal a major decision will be made next year. Three of a kind shows I’m learning a lesson about the number energy which in this case relates to starting over on a new level of experience.  The missing card suit reveals what is needed to help learn this lesson. The 10 that’s missing is 10 of Hearts (spend more time with family). It shows that compassion and connection are necessary to integrate the lesson.

Interestingly, each card relates to an issue I’ve mentioned in one of my posts over the last several months:

See the light at the end of the tunnel. I keep picking the tunnel in the Pathways to the Soul cards and then I drew a tunnel in my doodle journal. See DIVINE INTERVENTION: Doodle Divination.

Feel wealthy even if I’m not. This resolution brings up a reading I did back in November about my financial aid check. You can check it out here: SAMPLE READING: What will my week bring?

Be all that I can be. I think My Career Path Reading ties in nicely with this resolution. The reading showed the possibility of reaching a wider audience with my skills and talents.

Offer counsel to someone in need. I’ve been thinking about a coaching model I use on a very casual basis with friends and colleagues and whether I want to launch this approach as a service. You can see this “counseling” method in Transforming Energy Blocks With Tarot Coaching.

Delegate when I’m overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed and needing help came up in My One Card Celtic Cross Reading.

I guess it makes sense that all of my resolutions for NEXT year summarize all of the issues I’ve been working on THIS year.

The Fortune-Teller’s Journal is a playing card divination journal. It is one of many bonus tools found in Your Future Is In The Cards, my online cartomancy course.

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