Why did querent say reading is wrong?

I am sure this has happened to you before…but have you ever read for someone and he/she told you that everything you’ve said to him/her was incorrect?

wrongwayYes, it’s happened many times before and it’s always upsetting for me because I want to give as accurate a reading as possible. I’ve found that there are several reasons this has occurred in my experience. The first reason occurred when I was first doing tarot readings and I would try to do a reading for my boyfriend at the time. I would lay out the cards and tell him what I saw and he’d say, “That sounds like your life not mine.” And he was right.

I found that to remedy this situation, I had to re-order the cards (put back into original order) and then shuffle them for his readings. Only after I did this did the reading reflect his life and not mine. So, sometimes, you will have to check and see if the reading is not reflecting your issues rather than the questioner. If this seems to happen often or with a particular person, you will probably need to do a more thorough “washing” away of your energy through shuffling or some other ritual, before you do the other person’s reading.

Second, and I find this to be the most common, the person is not self-aware and therefore nothing in the reading seems correct because they haven’t taken a good look at their life and what’s going on around them. This is called denial in psychological terms. This is usually the case when your reading has more of a psychological perspective and is not just relaying factual info. Sometimes, people don’t want you to know their business and won’t admit that what you are saying is true.

I have also found that I am not conveying the information in a way that they can understand so it seems to be incorrect when it really is not. When they start telling me things that have occurred, then I can see how the cards were giving me the correct info but I was either not interpreting them accurately or not conveying it accurately to the questioner. These are the cases when you need to write down your readings because your cards may be giving you new interpretations.

Finally, there will be times when you simply cannot connect with the person usually because of their blocked energy. Some people come only to test you but have a wall up. I find that when the reading doesn’t have any rhyme or reason the person is confused about the issues themselves and doesn’t have a solid frame of mind.


2 thoughts on “Why did querent say reading is wrong?

  1. This is so true. I have read for people who were totally rigid about what they were expecting to hear from me, and when they didn’t, they told me I was wrong. As time passed, though, things came to pass that made it clear why the cards were advising them to consider certain options. Great post.

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