5 Questions to Create the Perfect Question

questionOn tarot discussion groups new readers are often asking for help interpreting their Celtic Cross readings. They have this great big spread with all the cards laid out and they have no idea where to begin. There’s usually one thing missinga question. What most new readers get wrong is pulling cards without intention. In your excitement to see what the cards have to say, you don’t formulate a question for the reading. Your reading’s clarity and accuracy is determined by the strength of your question. It’s also a good idea to write the question down so you will remember exactly how it was asked. Here are 5 questions that will help you craft the perfect question for your readings.

(1) What type of answer are you seeking? The question and answer are inseparable.  If you wish to know what actions will be beneficial, a HOW question might be appropriate — How can I achieve greater success in my online business? When you are confused and seeking advice or options you might ask SHOULD I… Should I invest in company A or B? If you want to get to the root of a problem, usually you’re asking a WHY question — Why won’t he call me? WILL something happen means you’re seeking a predictive outcome — Will I pass my chemistry exam? WHAT questions typically show a desire for more information — What’s going on in my relationship with Steven? WHEN… is a timing question and WHERE… is a location question. Also remember, your answer will be given the same way the question was asked. For example, if you ask an advice question, you should NOT read your outcome as a prediction…it should be interpreted as advice!

(2) Is your question specific? If it’s not, you will not get a specific answer. This comes up especially for timing concerns. If you wish to know will something happen during a certain time period, include the time period in the question: Will my boyfriend come back to me in the next 30 days? Asking, what do I need to know? is not going to produce the clarity you’ll get if you ask, What do I need to know about my relationship with Bob in the next 3 months?

(3) Is your question open or closed? An open question will have many potential answers…a closed one has only a few. Open question: What  steps can I take to get the promotion? Closed question: Will I get the promotion?

(4) Are you asking more than one question? Will my boyfriend come back to me and will he be more involved in our child’s life? This is two questions. Ask only one question per reading. If you ask more than one question, your reading will answer more than one question, leaving you confused.

(5) Are you emotionally invested in only one answer? If you will not be able to accept that your boyfriend is NOT coming back or that you WON’T get the promotion at this time, don’t ask the question or alter the question to something that isn’t quite as emotionally charged. If you are too emotionally invested in a particular response, try the reading another day when your emotions have cooled and you can be more rational and objective.


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