Is it wrong to ask yes/no questions?

yesnoA student question prompted this post. She wanted to know how to get people to stop asking yes/no questions because she knows the cards will tell them so much more if they ask an open-ended question.

I wholeheartedly agree that yes/no questions are generally limiting and that asking open-ended questions allows you to receive more insights. Years ago, I would try to lead people to ask open-ended questions so they could get more insights but then I realized that’s how I like my questions. Now, I recognize that their question (like the reading itself) is divinely inspired, carries their energy signature, and it’s not my place to change it.

I find the majority of questions are in yes/no format, you need to figure out how you will answer these questions. What methods or mechanisms can you use with your chosen deck to address this type of question? I generally answer yes/no questions with a playing card deck because these cards are great for getting right to the point. I use red cards for yes and black cards for no. But what about “maybe?” Most situations are not black and white so maybe is a necessary response to most questions. I use the final two card suits to give a more specific yes/no/maybe answer.

Just because a yes/no question is asked, it doesn’t mean the questioner isn’t looking for deeper insights. Sometimes, they just don’t know how to ask another type of question. So I often add an advice card (or 3) to yes/no readings. Examples:

Will my boyfriend come back? Choose a few advice cards to answer, How can you encourage your boyfriend to come back? What does he need in order to come back?

Will I make more money this year? Choose a few advice cards to answer, What can you do to make more money? What keeps you from expanding your prosperity? What’s your next step toward financial increase?

This way, you’re giving advice to help the questioner reach their goals.

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