My Tarot Card for 2013

Did you know you have a tarot year card? This year, my tarot card is The World…yay!!!


The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot image courtesy of The Fools Dog

21- The World: well-being, the end of an era or cycle, reaching your goal, wholeness, oneness, triumph, freedom, liberation, the joy of life, the end of the rainbow, “all is right with your world”. via Tarot Journeys by Terri

You can figure out your tarot card for the year with this method:

Take your birth month + birth day + current year = tarot year card

Example: November 17 =  November (11) + 17 + 2013 = 1+1+1+7+2+0+1+3 = 16 = The Tower

So what does this mean? Your tarot card year reveals the overarching theme for the year. Read Your Tarot Card for 2013 by Tarot Journeys by Terri to find a summary for each card.


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