The Suits in Action

actionOne way to understand the suits in a deck of playing cards or tarot cards is to think of each suit as a set of actions. Here’s a brief list….I’m sure you can come up with more!

Clubs/Wands = act, create, move, progress, travel, defend, start, push, wait, expand, rest, motivate, complete

Hearts/Cups = love, feel, connect, embrace, share, commit, give, offer, forgive, dream, pray, wish, desire

Diamonds/Pentacles = earn, have, own, build, secure, purchase, acquire, exchange, increase, spend, receive, plan, prepare, attain

Spades/Swords = block, inhibit, limit, freeze, lose, remove, interfere, destruct, fear, regret, lie, deny, grieve, run away, attack, punish


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