Timing Technique: Aces

AceQuestioners often want to know WHEN something will happen. This is one technique to try.

Assign each ace to its appropriate season. Here are my correspondences.

Ace of Clubs or Ace of Wands = Spring

Ace of Hearts or Ace of Cups = Summer

Ace of Diamonds or Ace of Pentacles = Fall

Ace of Spades or Ace of Swords = Winter

With your timing question in mind, shuffle and go through the deck card by card until you come to your first Ace. The Ace that appears reflects the season during which the event may happen.


2 thoughts on “Timing Technique: Aces

  1. I use this technique too, but mostly just for close friends who aren’t going to jump down my throat if something doesn’t happen exactly when the cards said it would! I try to avoid divining “when” something is going to happen too specifically, because let’s face it, the future is a moving target. My seasonal correspondences differ slightly from yours, too, but it’s a fun and easy to remember technique regardless.

    • I agree that the future is a moving target. Most of my readings simply include the timing (the reading is for a 3 month period). However, I like to give other options as well as different techniques will resonate for different readers and different readings.

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