Introducing Soul Awakening Archetype Cards

At last…my sample Soul Awakening Archetype Cards from I was so eager to do a first reading with these, and since I really enjoy the way Lisa Frideborg Lloyd of interviews her tarot decks, I thought I’d interview this one. I asked the deck just one question: What role will you play?


FLIRT really stumped me until I thought about just how enticing this deck is (to me at least!). I have been soooooo excited to get this in the mail and I think it’s one of my best decks yet, mostly because I stepped out of my box for this one. I actually dreamed of this deck before I conceived it. As I awoke from the dream I thought “I would never make a deck like that….” Two weeks later, I had the urge to make this deck, not realizing it was the one from the dream until I was midway through it. So, this deck enticed me to pull it out of my depths. Perhaps it will also entice others to respond to their inner urges and pull unconventional dreams from their depths as well. In this card, the FLIRT is flirting with 2 men, suggesting a multi-tasking ability; this deck may serve more than one function or have 2 different faces — lighthearted (FLIRT) and serious (SAGE).

I don’t really have any other cards related to talking or networking so GOSSIP will have to wear many hats in this deck. We’re all familiar with the shadow side of the GOSSIP, but this archetype simply shares or spreads information to many people. The GOSSIP is “the social glue that spreads an idea” (The Networker archetype via and the key to connecting you to the right people and resources. In light of the question, perhaps this deck will be instrumental at connecting questioners to the right people (archetypes) and (inner) resources. The GOSSIP may also share secret or hidden information, in this context, secrets hidden in your subconscious mind. I also get the impression from these first two cards that this deck may be the most popular one I’ve created.

With SAGE, the energy totally changes, suggesting this deck should be taken seriously. This archetype doles out some really deep wisdom and profound advice so these cards will play the role of advisor as well. The SAGE “uses personal knowledge of people and the world to help tell stories and offer guidance that may impress upon his audience a sense of who they are and who they might become.” (Wise old man archetype via

Here are more images…


Let me know what you think about this deck!

8 thoughts on “Introducing Soul Awakening Archetype Cards

    • Thanks Shaheen! I’d love to make these available to others. I dreamed of this deck 2 weeks before I conceived it and in the dream it was being showcased publicly. I’d like to see what Printerstudio comes up with first (their promised Sell Your Design concept) but I may share a few before then just to gauge interest.

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