My Who Am I Reading

I decided to take my Soul Awakening Archetypes Cards out for another spin using DIY READING: Who Am I? Here’s what I got:


Three are considered royalty: PRINCE, KING and ARISTOCRAT (elite and privileged class).  The royalty angle has come up in past life readings so I wonder if this reading is bringing up something to explore about that.

This is the face I show to the world — PRINCE

This is the real me — ADVOCATE

This is the part of me I keep hidden — KING

This is who I’d like to become — ARISTOCRAT

I noticed after sitting with these cards for a few moments that they are showing me prosperity and career issues, which are always a source of inner conflict.

The PRINCE is someone whose needs are taken care of. He’s not yet old enough to rule so he is indulged and pampered. He doesn’t have to work at all. When I hear my life from other people’s lips, I realize I must give the impression that life is super easy and that people just give me things (I wish!). Perhaps it’s because I always appear calm. I also suspect they are picking up on some past-life residue.

The ADVOCATE must work for a living, to pay the bills. He prefers to work in a capacity where he is a public servant, helping others or advocating on their behalf. Despite the impression I give to others, I have to work for a living. My preference is to have a career that helps others in some way (one reason why I’m a reflexologist and instructor).

The KING inherits his position of power and wealth. This shows I’m not claiming my rightful power or wealth in this lifetime. This also relates to suppressing leadership abilities too. I often run away from leadership positions that seem like too much responsibility.

The ARISTOCRAT is independently wealthy and does not have to answer to the royal court. This is who I’d like to become — I’d like to work because I want to, not because I have to; I want to take care of myself and not have to rely on someone else. I’d also like more leisure time and (to be honest) perhaps a servant or two. At least an assistant!


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