Divination Works!

This goes to show you can do readings with anything, not just tarot or playing cards. Last Saturday morning, I journaled the question, What can I expect today? I am getting too lazy to find my decks and shuffle cards so I just scroll through the photo albums on my iPad, close my eyes and pick one. I chose from a bunch of images that are sooo cute, from PhotoRack.net.

Here’s the one I chose:


Image courtesy of PhotoRack.net

I wrote: Hmmm…looks like Christmas…a family gathering?

It seemed unlikely because my family rarely gathers and there wasn’t a wedding or funeral to attend. BUT, out of the blue, my Mom asked if I wanted to go to my aunt’s house. Her niece  whom she’s never met, was stopping by for a visit. So, I went and the niece brings her daughter along and lots of stories are shared and we have a little unexpected family reunion. Divination works!


4 thoughts on “Divination Works!

  1. This is a very good point. You can use anything for divination. Sometimes I walk to work and get messages from how the music on my MP3 player line up so perfectly with what I see around me. I may have to try this picture thing though, I never would have thought of that!

  2. I have used divination for years. My favourite cards are the Goddess oracle cards, and I also like to use the Runes and a Pendulum. I had never thought about using ‘things’ that you would not normally associate with divination. When you think about it, the ‘things’ we use to divine with, are simply a tool, a focus,for our unconscious mind and intuitive ability to connect with. so I should not be surprised that almost ‘anything’ could be used to achieve the same purpose. Thank you for helping me to ‘think outside of the box’.

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